Drummers for Mexicool Cinco De Mayo Party
Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Friday, May 5th, 2006  -  Barcelona, Scottsdale, AZ
15540 North Greenway Hayden Rd. loop

Sponsored by Dos Equis and FHM Magazine
A La Event Entertainment Production and Mirror Ball Production

There was an ad placed on Craigslist.com that read as follows:

I need a Body painter for an event on May 5, 2006 - in Phx. AZ.  must be able to paint/air brush tribal styles examples below.  Must be fast!  you'll be doing (, 4 drummers and 4 dancers.  Drummers are the most elaborate dancers are more tattoo like. 
PAY IS $500

Several of my friends wrote to me to tell me about the gig and one wrote to them to refer me.  Long story short, I wrote to them and got the gig.  I was put into contact with Anacia Kagan, who is the renown dancer and choreographer for the burlesque dance troupe Bijou in Los Angeles.  About a year ago, she launched her company La Event Entertainment Productions (LEEP) and has since produced dozens of nightclub events.  This project was a Cinco de Mayo event at the upscale Barcelona nightclub in Scottsdale. 

The night was dubbed "A Night of Mexicool" and the Dos Equis beer was the primary sponsor.  I started painting around 5pm and my first assignment was to paint armbands on all six of the servers and dancers.  Each armband was unique, but portrayed the style of ancient Mexican designs of the Mayans and Aztecs.  Next up was four drummers.  For the drummers, I was given Mayan designs that were to be painted on each of the drummers chests.  For past events the drummers were all male, but this time the promoters weren't sure what to do with the one female drummer hired for the event.  Her name was Amy Ford, and she basically took charge of the issue and had me paint her bare chest and then she wore a leather top that revealed most of the painting.  I think that she would have been fine with being topless, but it wouldn't have been quite appropriate for the event.  Amy is the percussionist for the music duo called Tribe of 2 who have been voted the "Best acoustic band in the Phoenix Valley".  Her website is http://www.tribeof2.com/Jason Wiedman, 3Trees and Makalani Stone were the three other drummers.  Here are some fun pics of each of the drummers (click to enlarge):

Drummer Amy Ford from Tribe of 2 Drummer Makalani Stone Drummer 3Trees Drummer Jason Wiedman

While I was painting the drummers, I was thrilled to hear a voice from the past as she walked in the room.  It was Sarah Elizabeth.  I had first met Sarah when she was just getting started in modeling and painted the Bourbon Street sign with a Mardi Gras mask on her for an art gallery exhibition.  I also had the pleasure of painting her pregnant belly before she moved away to Panama City in Florida.  She has done pretty well for herself since then with prestigious appearances in FHM and Playboy magazines.  I hadn't seen her in a couple of years so I was thrilled and surprised to find out that she had been flown in for the event representing FHM magazine.  We only had a short opportunity to chat, but it really made my night getting to see her.  Here is a picture of Sarah and I at the event:

Sarah Elizabeth Bowers from Playboy and FHM

Here are a couple of other pictures from the event:

four drummers pounding out some tribal percussion Armbands painted on servers and dancers Super Model Sarah Elizabeth Bowers from Playboy and FHM Tres amigos at Cinco de Mayo at Barcelona

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