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Tempe, AZ

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1. Can you describe the image that was painted on you during your body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

Mark and I did a series of four paintings. One was a series of two paintings for a showing and consisted of a sun and a Sedona back painting.  The third was a full swimsuit in latex and the last was a red cardinal bird.

2. How did you first hear about Mark Greenawalt's body painting artform and how did you get involved?

Mark contacted me via my home page on the web.

 3. Was this your first experience at being body painted?  If not describe previous sessions.

Mark has been my only body painting experiences.

 4. What were your reasons for modeling for a body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

Modeling is a creative venue. When you shoot with a new photographer you are experimenting with lighting, etc. to collaborate one another's creative sides, so adding in another element of creativity was interesting.

 5. Do you have previous modeling experience?  If so, please list any highlights.

Runway, Print, catalogue and commercial. 2001 Bulldog Trucks catalogue/spokesmodel, Venus Swimwear model, Swimsuit Illustrated model, Tiarra Music Supermodel and cover model for music videos.

 6. What does it feel like to get painted?

Sometimes it tickles. For the most part though its not a big deal, it doesn't feel weird--it's actually cool. It is the finished work of art that is so exciting!

 7. What advice would you give another model who is considering being bodypainted by Mark Greenawalt?

Body painting is fun! The pictures add a different look for your portfolio. Mark is great at what he does. He's very professional and open minded.

 8. What were the reactions of people that saw your images (friends, relatives, significant others, etc.)?

People love the work. It's a creative field that hasn't really been explored that much and so it adds a dynamic flare that people admire and marvel at. You truly become a walking piece of artwork.

 9. Which of Mark's bodypaintings is your favorite (besides your own, of course)?

I liked his leopard work that he did with a little blonde girl awhile back. It's a shot that has gotten much attention and is just really interesting, not complicated, but interesting. Of the paintings that I
have had done, I would have to say that the finished red bird shot is very, very cool! That is one of my favorites because of the way that everything fell into place when we were shooting.

 10. Would you consider being painted again by Mark Greenawalt?

Always. In fact, I have some great ideas that I am hoping to talk to him about soon. Mark is a great artist and wonderful person to work with! 

 11. If you were to be painted again, what type of image would you like to try?

Another photographer has been talking about doing this shoot recently and part of that shoot involves a girl being painted--I really think that Mark's artwork would play into this shot very well.

 12. Describe the atmosphere of the session (relaxed, awkward, rushed, professional, etc.).

Professionally relaxed.

 13. Did you feel or seem like you were wearing clothes once you were painted?

You don't feel as though you are not clothed one bit. I actually had people ask me where I got my swimsuit after we had been shooting--can you imagine that? I was completely unclothed besides that latex painting!  But you would never have known.

 14. Where did you get painted and where did you do the photoshoot?

We have done a series of photo shoots and these have all been at different locations and for different reasons. Two of the shoots were to showcase to a crowd and the one was for an actual planned photo shoot.

 15. Looking back, what was your favorite part of getting body painted?

The finished work. Each shot has a story behind it, but the work is what you are working towards--that one shot that can showcase the work that was done.

 16. Looking back, what was your least favorite part of getting body painted?

Least favorite? Standing around without clothes on for people to look at you is a weird thing. So getting used to the idea that even though you were almost naked--people honestly WERE really just looking at the art work--not you. 

 17. Do you associate body painting more with art or with porn? 

Art form. Like I said before, I wanted to collaborate with another artist and achieve a creative and different piece of work. Look at the work, it's nothing more that sheer creative art-it speaks for itself

 18. What celebrity would you like to see body painted and why?

Julia Roberts.

 19. How easy did the paint come off?

It was very easy to come off. Even when we had used latex paint-that just came off relatively easy also. I didn't have a problem at all. 

20. What comments do you have about body painter Mark Greenawalt (be careful, he may quote you on this)?

Mark is a great person to work with. Professionally his stance on art is something that has enticed interest from many people--gaining admiration in what he is working towards. 


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