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c2002 Painting and photo by Mark Greenawalt

Welcome to the "Alwun House Exotic 2002" bodypainting webpage.  These bodypaintings were part of the annual exotic art show held at the Alwun House in Phoenix, Arizona.  The date of this year's event was February 8th 2002.  

For this year's event, I once again chose Kay from Chandler to be painted as a playing card.  This time it was the queen of diamonds.  Again it took about 5 hours to complete even though we omitted the use of liquid latex.  One of the added features for this suit was the body jewelry that was glued on.  Kay was painted at Don Crossland's photography studio and some of his pictures will most likely be added to this page soon.  Kay is quickly becoming one of my most painted models and her enthusiasm to be painted makes it a rewarding session for me.

My next model was Kristi Curiali who I had worked with the previous summer for a liquid latex swimsuit shoot.  Her heritage is part American Indian so I accentuated those features and painted her with a dream catcher on her back and a native american breast plate on the front.  Kristi is an absolutely beautiful model and a very cool person to know.

After completing Kay and Kristi's bodypaintings I continued the evening with volunteers.  The first was Kay's friend, Sheila, who was painted with a moon and the earth.  Next was a woman named Nicki who had seashells painted on her (her picture is not included since I sensed apprehension about having her image on the internet).  Next I painted long-time-friend Heidi with the logo from the Exotic Art show.  Wrapping up the evening I met a very intriguing girl named Melissa who was painted with dark flaming wings.

Click on the images below to see larger versions of each image.

If you are interested in ordering a print from this photoshoot or would like additional information on bodypainting, please feel free to contact mark@futureclassx.com and visit my website at www.futureclassx.com .  Please browse through the additional images from the show below.  Thanks for visiting!

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