Belly Painting for Expectant Mothers

Jelly fish belly painting at Mesa Contemporary Arts Center
Comming Soon movie theme bellypainting Classic Winnie the Pooh and Piglet bellypainting


What a special time in a woman's life when she is expecting a child.  A world of change starts to evolve as she prepares for the newborn baby to come into her life.  Among the changes are the physical transformations her body goes through as the baby starts to grow.  Her belly becomes a visual announcement that she is an expectant mother.  Belly painting offers her an opportunity to capture the moment of this precious time by decorating the womb with original artwork.  The motif can be anything she desires from the theme of the baby's room to a seasonal decoration celebrated in the month of her due date.  Although the paint will wash away, the memory and the photograph can bring a lifetime of smiles to her and someday to share with her child.

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Rates for a belly painting for expecting mothers starts at $50 and includes a CD of digital photographs taken.  Click on the shots below to enlarge a few other images of these paintings.

Lynette Brooks belly painting Coming Soon
Big brother kiss on pooh bear bellypainting
Classic Pooh and Piglet too bellypainting

Some of these bellypaintings are featured in The Art of Belly Painting, a book and painting kit for pregnant bellies available from by clicking on the book cover below.  The adjacent picture is a scan of one of the kit's pages.  The author, Nancy Price is a fellow Phoenix resident and is a founder and editor-in-chief of the SheKnows Network and one of the founding editors of ePregnancy magazine.

Here are two more ideas to consider for pregnant women:

Get a lifecasting of the pregnant belly by Byur Gullwing at 
Get a mural painted for the baby's room by Sheila Casperson at 


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