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Christi Laver
Chandler, AZ 

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1. Can you describe the image that was painted on you during your body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

He was going for the 50's pinup girl kinda look...he painted on a diner was pink and white with a route 66 logo hand painted on...there was also shadowing added for realistic depth.

2. How did you first hear about Mark Greenawalt's body painting artform and how did you get involved?

I was actually looking for a photographer to help make a new portfolio...and was looking online for photographers and stumbled upon his name....I took a look at his website...and was impressed...I e-mailed a couple of my pictures and asked him if he would be interested in shooting some shots of me....and he e-mailed back that he liked my look and had a particular shoot in mind for me...and it was history from there!

 3. Was this your first experience at being body painted?  If not describe previous sessions.

Yes this was my first experience...and it was WONDERFUL!!!  Mark made me feel completely at ease...He explained the whole process to me and told me what he wanted to get out of the shoot...I felt very comfortable...Believe it or not I didn't even feel topless once I was painted...that is how realistic his work is!

 4. What were your reasons for modeling for a body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

He made me feel comfortable...and I liked his work.

 5. Do you have previous modeling experience?  If so, please list any highlights.

Yes, I have modeled since I was young...various kind odd shoots.

 6. What does it feel like to get painted?

It is very relaxing was a hot day when we did the when he was painting the paint was cool on my get a sense of total relaxation.

 7. What advice would you give another model who is considering being bodypainted by Mark Greenawalt?

Take a look at his'll be impressed...just let yourself be free and comfortable...and together you can create some beautiful images.

 8. What were the reactions of people that saw your images (friends, relatives, significant others, etc.)?

They were like "wow"...."I can't believe that was all done by paint!" "it just looks so real".

 9. Which of Mark's bodypaintings is your favorite (besides your own, of course)?

The cheetah or leopard.

 10. Would you consider being painted again by Mark Greenawalt?

DEFINATLY!!! where can i sign up?! :)

 11. If you were to be painted again, what type of image would you like to try?

A type of animal this time...I would REALLY love that! It's just so beautiful!

 12. Describe the atmosphere of the session (relaxed, awkward, rushed, professional, etc.).

Well...we were having a little bit of a problem with time...because my makeup took awhile (which was worth it to get such a great look!) so we were kinda pressed for time...And after we cleaned up the strawberry shake I managed to spill all over...we were back on track...and the shoot went great!...I was completely relaxed...and into my character! We had the 50's music so we were all set! 

 13. Did you feel or seem like you were wearing clothes once you were painted?

YES! It was sooo...weird I felt completely covered...there was a sense of freedom...your body just feels so light! (maybe because you're not wearing any clothes but that is besides the point! ha ha)

 14. Where did you get painted and where did you do the photoshoot?

A little place called MacAlpine's Soda Fountain Coffee was in Phoenix, Az...I believe 7th st and oak.

 15. Looking back, what was your favorite part of getting body painted?

I can't seem to pick just was all just so AWESOME!

 16. Looking back, what was your least favorite part of getting body painted?

Having to wash off such beautiful artwork!

 17. Do you associate body painting more with art or with porn? 


 18. What celebrity would you like to see body painted and why?

Alyssa Milono, she just has such a beautiful body...and she is very opened minded...and into art...and doesn't have a problem with nudity.

 19. How easy did the paint come off?

Very easily...just a little soap and water...I stepped into the water and it just started to run off.

20. What comments do you have about body painter Mark Greenawalt (be careful, he may quote you on this)?

He is an AMAZING artist...and a wonderful person to work with!  Everything he has done has such BEAUTY!


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