Mark Greenawalt shares his tips and techniques in hands-on classes and performance demonstrations. Below is a schedule of upcoming classes and some links to completed classes


February 8, 2009 - The Body Art Ball, Phoenix, AZ. More info to be released soon. For more info go to .

February 13, 2009 - The Exotic Art Show at the Alwun House Art Gallery, Phoenix, AZ. Exotic Art 26 is the longest running exhibit of its kind in the nation. Doors open at 7:00 pm. For more information go to .

Bodyssey Face and Bodypainting Convention in Toronto
I recently signed on as an instructor at the Bodyssey Con in Toronto that takes place over my birthday. I am currently scheduled to teach three classes along with some of the top bodypainters in the industry. My classes will be Bodypainted Swimsuits, Painting with Liquid Latex, and Marketing for Bodyartists. Other instructors at the event will include Pashur, Mark Reid, Jinny, Vargas, Erica Harrison, Alex Hansen, Nick Hererra, and Nick and Brian Wolfe. For additional information, go to .


Links to Completed Classes

UK Face and Body Painting Convention

The UK Face & Body Painting Convention
Click here for images from the event.

The Art of Bodypainting
by U.S. Bodypainter Mark Greenawalt

Tuesday 21st October 2008 9-5pm

Bodypainting at the Playboy Mansion

Segment 1 - The art of painted on clothing. Demonstration of shadowing techniques, folds, and wrinkles to make painted on clothing look real. I'll share the processes that I have used for painting lingerie at the Playboy Mansion in Hollywood and the creative ways that I've painted T-shirts and dress suits for corporate events. I will also show some ways to use liquid latex paint to make outfits look like leather.

Phantom of the Opera bodypaint
Monument Valley Mural body art

Segment 2 - Bodypainted Murals. This is an art class that explores the similarities and differences between painting on canvas and painting on a full motion canvas. From picturesque landscapes to scenes from outerspace, the human body can be the canvas for any artistic painting. I will share several ways that I have used to keep images proportional such as masks and stencils, image projection, and freehand techniques.

Gene Simmons of Kiss make-up

Segment 3 - Marketing and Getting Published. In this segment I will share some of my secrets that I have used to get my work published in magazines, including 5 covers. I will also share many of my marketing strategies that have helped to bring an average of 1,600 visitors to my website everyday. We will discuss the importance of great images in portfolios and how to achieve them. Each students will have their portfolio reviewed and analyzed.

Playtime cover uncle sam painting
Star Wars Prosthetics for Palpatine

Segment 4 - Hollywood Make-up. I will share some clips of a few of the independent film projects that I have worked on and then demonstrate some techniques used for movie projects. Students will learn how to apply prosthetics and a few tricks of the trade to make scars, bruises, and wounds. I'll share some of the ways that bodypaints can be used to create everything sexy sci-fi characters to undead zombies.

Red dragon bodypainting


Face And Body Art International Convention in Orlando, Florida

FABAIC 2005 Event
FABAIC 2006 Event

U.S. Bodypainting Competition, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2006 Event
2007 Event

Airbrush Action Magazine Seminar along with Tobbi Britton, Las Vegas, NV

2001 Bodypainting class for Airbrush Action Magazine



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