Meet the Models
2 0   Q U E S T I O N S

  Justin Fisher
Tempe, AZ

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1. Can you describe the image that was painted on you during your body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

Darth Maul face makeup was painted on me. You know the bad guy in the bad episode of Star Wars. We did the best we could with the horns.

2. How did you first hear about Mark Greenawalt's body painting artform and how did you get involved?

Because he painted some friends of mine. And I needed a Halloween costume.

 3. Was this your first experience at being body painted?  If not describe previous sessions.

Yes this was the first.

 4. What were your reasons for modeling for a body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

It was Halloween and I needed the rest of my costume.

 5. Do you have previous modeling experience?  If so, please list any highlights.


 6. What does it feel like to get painted?

It was kinda cool waiting too see what it would look like when he was done.

 7. What advice would you give another model who is considering being bodypainted by Mark Greenawalt?

Don't try to smoke a cigarette with with makeup on your lips.

 8. What were the reactions of people that saw your images (friends, relatives, significant others, etc.)?

Everybody seemed to like it.

 9. Which of Mark's bodypaintings is your favorite (besides your own, of course)?

The woman with the Zebra stripes.

 10. Would you consider being painted again by Mark Greenawalt?


 11. If you were to be painted again, what type of image would you like to try?

I don't know, we'll have to see next Halloween.

 12. Describe the atmosphere of the session (relaxed, awkward, rushed, professional, etc.).

Relaxed, with a little stress since the Diamondbacks World Series game was on.

 13. Did you feel or seem like you were wearing clothes once you were painted?

YES! of course I had close on.  Ever heard of a naked Dart Maul.

 14. Where did you get painted and where did you do the photoshoot?

Kitchen and back yard.

 15. Looking back, what was your favorite part of getting body painted?

Seeing the end result.

 16. Looking back, what was your least favorite part of getting body painted?

Trying to figure out what to do with the Damn horns.

 17. Do you associate body painting more with art or with porn? 


 18. What celebrity would you like to see body painted and why?

Jessica Alba painted as if she were wearing a string bikini.  Why?  Because unless she poses for Playboy it's the most I will ever see of her.

 19. How easy did the paint come off?

The black paint and the latex came off really easy.  The red paint took a little more work, but it wasn't to bad.

20. What comments do you have about body painter Mark Greenawalt (be careful, he may quote you on this)?

He so COOOOOL!! I like the way he massaged my head with his brush.


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