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Kay Kochman
Chandler, AZ 

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1. Can you describe the image that was painted on you during your body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

The first was the Queen of Spades, then the Queen of Hearts, then the butterfly on my back.

2. How did you first hear about Mark Greenawalt's body painting artform and how did you get involved?

I met Mark through some mutual friends and had seen his work through them. I knew right away it was something I'd love to do, and I let Mark know I'd be interested in modeling.

 3. Was this your first experience at being body painted?  If not describe previous sessions.

I had not ever been painted before.

 4. What were your reasons for modeling for a body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

I admire Mark's work and his talent as an artist, and the body painting was something new and different. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist so this seemed like a pretty fun idea to try. 

 5. Do you have previous modeling experience?  If so, please list any highlights.

I have not modeled before this.

 6. What does it feel like to get painted?

I think it's actually quite pleasant, once you get past being cold. The air-brushing doesn't feel like much other than cold air or mist. The details with the paint brush were pretty relaxing. I'm not ticklish so that wasn't a problem. The latex is pretty wild. It goes on cold and kind of tightens as it dries.

 7. What advice would you give another model who is considering being bodypainted by Mark Greenawalt?

I would say go for it. Mark is very professional, and talented.  I never felt worried about being "naked." It truley seemed more like "nude" in the art sense. He has done something different with each one of us, and I think it's pretty cool to be a work of art.

 8. What were the reactions of people that saw your images (friends, relatives, significant others, etc.)?

Mostly they ask how I felt to be naked, but like I said, that didn't bother me at all. My doctor saw the newspaper write up and looked at the website. She was pretty impressed that I was "brave" enough to do it. A lot of my friends say that too: they think I'm pretty gutsy for doing it.

 9. Which of Mark's bodypaintings is your favorite (besides your own, of course)?

I like the desert scenes he's done on the girls' backs, and the 2001 scene. The animals all came out really good too.

 10. Would you consider being painted again by Mark Greenawalt?

In a heartbeat!

 11. If you were to be painted again, what type of image would you like to try?

I would like something abstract and fun. It doesn't really matter, I guess. 

 12. Describe the atmosphere of the session (relaxed, awkward, rushed, professional, etc.).

Very relaxed and friendly. 

 13. Did you feel or seem like you were wearing clothes once you were painted?

Yes I did. I walked around in public as the Queen of Hearts, and never felt like I was naked at all.

 14. Where did you get painted and where did you do the photoshoot?

I was painted and photographed at my house for the Queen of Spades. The Queen of Hearts was painted at my house, but the photos were at the Alwun House. The butterfly was all done at the Alwun House also.

 15. Looking back, what was your favorite part of getting body painted?

I think the best part in my experience was being a part of the Alwun House exhibits. That whole night was incredibly fun. Being painted and having my pictures out there is a great topic of conversation, so
that's been fun too.

 16. Looking back, what was your least favorite part of getting body painted?

It was cold.

 17. Do you associate body painting more with art or with porn? 

Absolutely more with art. I don't think there is anything at all pornographic about it. I'm sure somebody could make it that way, but as Mark is doing it, it's all art.

 18. What celebrity would you like to see body painted and why?

I can't think of any reason that I'd want to see any celebrity painted. To me, the final art work is what Mark has done, not who the "canvas" is. I've enjoyed seeing his other work because I know a lot of the other women, and it's fun to see what he did with them. 

 19. How easy did the paint come off?

Very easily. The latex just peels right off after a few minutes in the water. The other paint came off with soap. 

20. What comments do you have about body painter Mark Greenawalt (be careful, he may quote you on this)?

I think he's a talented artist and I've enjoyed working with him. He's found a pretty cool niche in the art world and I hope he finds a lot of success with it.


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