Meet the Models
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Olivia Brooke Womack
Glendale, AZ 

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1. Can you describe the image that was painted on you during your body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

A sleek black two piece swimsuit with gold side accents and gold zippers on top and on bottom! 

2. How did you first hear about Mark Greenawalt's body painting artform and how did you get involved?

A photographer showed me a copy of Mark's calendar and I was very impressed so I contacted Mark to see if we could collaborate in the future.

 3. Was this your first experience at being body painted?  If not describe previous sessions.

My torso was painted a year ago for an art project.  The type of paint used and the attention to detail was much different.  The focus was body parts so my face remained unidentified.

 4. What were your reasons for modeling for a body painting session with Mark Greenawalt?

I'm intrigued by the art!  But there are few people who can pull it off as flawlessly as Mark!

 5. Do you have previous modeling experience?  If so, please list any highlights.

I've been modeling for eight years.  I've done minor runway shows, I've been photographed by some awe-inspiring photographers, images of me have made their way into a few art photography publications and gallery exhibits, etc... But no claim to fame yet!

 6. What does it feel like to get painted?

It's a cool sensation... Then a sticky one... Then a hot one! 

 7. What advice would you give another model who is considering being bodypainted by Mark Greenawalt?

"Just do it!" The images will be a wonderful conversation piece too!

 8. What were the reactions of people that saw your images (friends, relatives, significant others, etc.)?

Everyone was poking and pulling... They were shocked at how realistic the painting was! 

 9. Which of Mark's bodypaintings is your favorite (besides your own, of course)?

I love the island inspired painting Mark did on Alison Cember.   Accessorizing with the idol and the straw skirt was extremely fitting!

 10. Would you consider being painted again by Mark Greenawalt?

Absolutely!  Anytime!

 11. If you were to be painted again, what type of image would you like to try?

It's a secret! We're already in talks!

 12. Describe the atmosphere of the session (relaxed, awkward, rushed, professional, etc.).

Relaxed and professional.

 13. Did you feel or seem like you were wearing clothes once you were painted?

After an hour or so!

 14. Where did you get painted and where did you do the photoshoot?

I was painted at the home/studio of a photographer, and the shoot was held there as well.

 15. Looking back, what was your favorite part of getting body painted?

Looking in the mirror to see the finished product!

 16. Looking back, what was your least favorite part of getting body painted?

The smell of the liquid latex!

 17. Do you associate body painting more with art or with porn? 

Art!  I cannot fathom how it could possibly be associated with pornography!

 18. What celebrity would you like to see body painted and why?

Vin Diesel! His muscle definition of course!!! 

 19. How easy did the paint come off?

It peeled right off in one piece!  It was like removing a swimsuit!

20. What comments do you have about body painter Mark Greenawalt (be careful, he may quote you on this)?

Mark is creatively innovative! He is professional and passionate about his art.


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