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Welcome to the "Alwun House Exotic 2007" bodypainting webpage.  These bodypaintings were part of the annual exotic art show held at the Alwun House in Phoenix, Arizona.  The date of this year's event was Friday the 9th of February 2007.

 This year's theme broadly defined as "Casbah" but more importantly the perpetual theme is "Exotic". I kicked around a few ideas that fit the casbah theme, but eventually decided concentrate more on the exotic and opted for a stylized version of the Kama Sutra. The collection was aptly named "POSITIONS".

I contacted model Jill Valdisar to be the cover girl, so to speak, that would be painted with the POSITIONS logo as well as the silouhetted images of an intertwined man and woman. I ordered several cakes of flourescent paint from Wolfe Brothers for this project along with a cake of black for all of the silouhettes.

Before painting Jill, I painted two promotional models for Hpnotiq liquor. These models were painted with fluorescent bustiers with the Hpnotiq logo. Here is a picture of these two paintings.

hpnotiq promotional model in bodypaint hpnotiq liquore girl in fluorescent bustier

 I invited Jill to be a part of this project for two reasons. First and foremost was because she is a wonderful model to work with and secondly because she is also a photographer. I had asked her to take pictures of me painting the other models and also to shoot each model once they were finished so that I could start on the next. My goal was to tip the scales toward quantity of paintings and hope that the quality wouldn't be compromised too much. At the last moment, Jill was able to entice pro photographer Juan Garcia to join in on the project and he ended up shooting some wonderful shots while Jill set off throughout the masses to promote the painting! Here are two of Juan's shots of Jill.

Jill Valdisar modeling in bodypaintphoto by Juan Garcia at Alwun House

Although any pictures of sexual positions are inherently graphic in nature, my intent here was to give the images the feel of clip art integrated with caligraphy. All of the imagery was done free hand and some of the proportions could have used a little tweaking, but painting black over fluorescent paint is very unforgiving so once I made a brush stroke, I was committed to the resulting lines. Maybe you'll like this collection, maybe you won't, but without further adeiu, here are the POSITION paintings.

Sixty Nine position body art 69
man giving oral to woman
The famous doggie style
In from behind while standing
Woman on top position
The wheel barrel
Three more kama sutra positions

All of these paintings were done in the basement of the Alwun House, but they did give me an opportunity to take the first five models out onto the stage near the end of the event. The master of ceremonies was Nick Tarr and he interviewed each of the models briefly as they took center stage. Here is one shot of the five of them together on stage.

Positions collection on stage at Alwun House



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